20th Century Studios needed the ideal music for introducing the zany “The Bob’s Burgers Movie,” so turned to The Hit House for a ukulele version of the 1875 “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg. It stands the test of time & was lovingly interpreted by composer & ukulele player David Andronico!

    Directed by Loren Bouchard & Bernard Derriman, “The Bob’s Burgers Movie” is the big-screen debut of the animated long-running Emmy®-winning series. When the Belchers have a summer of winning & burgers planned a sinkhole in front of their burger joint causes financial stress & as danger mounts & bills pile up Bob & Linda struggle to cope while the kids work on solving a mystery that may just save their family’s small business!

    Watch “The Bob’s Burgers Movie” in theaters on May 27, because that’s where we’ll be as well! & know that no matter what instrument you need or what tune (however old) you need interpreted, The Hit House is ready to assist you in every way on your campaign!


    Not A Comeback, But A Return of Two Best Chipmunk Friends!

    Rangers that rescue never get cancelled, they just age & have “CGI Surgery,” & so “Chip ’n Dale, the Rescue Rangers are back on Disney+! For this type of return Disney needed just the right sounds which The Hit House composer David Andronico was happy to contribute for the Official Trailer.

    Streaming on Disney+ on May 20, Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers, directed by Akiva Schaffer, tells the story of what happened after the original Rescue Rangers was cancelled. Both Chip & Dale are still living in Los Angeles where Chip (voiced by John Mulaney) sells insurance & Dale (voiced by Andy Samberg) had CGI surgery & is working the circuit of conventions where he meets fans from decades ago… But when an old friend of theirs goes missing they set aside their differences to revive their detective chops & save their lost buddy. An all-star voice cast underpins this film with Will Arnett, Eric Bana, Keegan-Michael Key, Seth Rogen, J.K. Simmons, & KiKi Layne amongst others.

    Mixing real-life live-action & animation into an action-adventure comedy film is the perfect vehicle for bringing back these two lovable striped rodents! Even better that we don’t have to buy tickets, but can just stream it directly from our home TVs! As always, The Hit House is excited we could contribute to another Disney trailer & we can’t wait for May 20, when Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers streams!


    Apple TV+, Attenborough, & Dinosaurs Leave Us Mesmerized

    When The Hit House was given the opportunity to contribute to Apple TV+’s new Prehistoric Planet 5-Part nature documentary, we said, “yes please!” Thus composer Kate Diaz was able to contribute to the Official Trailer for Apple TV’s “new” Late Cretaceous doucumentary starring creatures from 66 million years ago!

    Executive Produced by Jon Favreau & Mike Gunton, Apple’s Prehistoric Planet will be narrated by the one & only Sir David Frederick Attenborough, as the newest palaeontological research is shown with a never before seen photorealistic depiction of some dinosaurs, such as a juvenile Tyranosaurus rex covered in feathers. It will be a enthralling ride back to the past as the viewer becomes immersed into a prehistoric world of which we could previously only dream.

    Needless to say we at The Hit House are awestruck to be able to contribute to the Official Trailer with such a living luminary as David Attenborough & can’t wait for May 23 when we won’t be answering any calls, but simply streaming Prehistoric Planet on Apple TV+. However, if you do need trailer music, sound design, or music supervision prior to that date, please feel free to ring us! Until then, we’ll be making music & brushing up on our Dino knowledge.


    Disney’s “Cruella” TV Spots with The Hit House’s Trailer Music

    With the newest movie premiere by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures of Cruella there also came a rush of spots advertising its arrival in both theaters & on Disney+ with Premiere Access. In the above spot The Hit House composer Scott Lee Miller trailerized the song “Cradles” by Sub Urban. Additionally, The Hit House composer Dan Diaz’s “Finfoot” from our “Midnight” Album, & “Bang Your Head” by Gibberish, were placed in the below two spots. A raucous, energetic, & anti-authoritarian tone to go along with Cruella’s overall mood is what was needed & what we could effectively deliver in all 3 spot.

    Directed by Craig Gillespie, Cruella brings to life the origin tale of a more modern live-action justified anti-hero who rose from her humble origins as Estella Miller (played by Emma Stone, Tipper Seifert-Cleveland, & Billie Gadsdon at varied ages) & morphed into the infamous Cruella de Vil. Set in 1970s punk rock revolutionary London & based on Dodie Smith’s 1956 novel & Disney’s 1961 animated film The Hundred and One Dalmations Cruella traces her rise from a clever street urchin grifter with dubious friends to her tutelage under & ultimately complete usurpation of fashion icon Baroness von Hellman (played by Emma Thompson). Rebellious music as well as avant-garde haute couture fashion sensibilities feature heavily to set the stage & impetuously move the plot forward. Cruella also stars Joel Fry, Paul Walter Hauser, Emily Beecham, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, & Mark Strong.

    As the critics have said, Cruella is “wickedly impressive” & the Oscar winning leads “Emma Stone & Emma Thompson are triumphs.” But we’ve had the pleasure of verifying it for ourselves & yes, Cruella is incredible & a 2021 “must watch” event. As such, The Hit House is grateful to have been able to contribute some of our work to the various Disney TV spots & thus show another arrow in our expansive proverbial quiver of music library & trailerization capabilities. So when next you need your hero or anti-hero’s audio to get the watcher’s pulse racing, let us know & we’ll be there to assist. Until then, we’ll be watching the Emmas flex their Academy Award winning talents in Disney’s Cruella.

    This Cruella spot’s first half with The Hit House composer Dan Diaz’s “Finfoot” from our Midnight Album.

    This Cruella spot with The Hit House Artist Gibberish’s “Bang Your Head” from the eponymous Album. Hear the full song here on Spotify.

  • Summer & Sunshine in Disney & Pixar’s “Luca”

    Disney & Pixar’s Official Teaser Trailer for “Luca” with Plenty of Sunshine & The Hit House’s contribution

    Everyone’s ready for some summer & sunshine & travel. While we might not all be able to do so safely in actuality, at least Disney & Pixar are giving us a tale of summer fun to look forward to, in Luca! With the heart-warming coming-of-age film & its joyous trailer, they needed to set a tone of summer fun in the sun while on vacation in Italy. Thus The Hit House composer Scott Lee Miller was able to contribute a layering of the classic “You Are My Sunshine” to this Official Teaser Trailer.

    Luca, an animated film directed by Academy Award nominee Enrico Casarosa illustrates an unforgettable summer in the Italian Riviera where a young boy named Luca & his new underdog best friends cavort around the seaside town enjoying laughs, gelato, & scooter adventures. But as with any seemingly “too-good-to-be-true” scenario, Luca & his buddy Alberto harbor a secret… They are actually sea monsters (the friendly kind) from the ocean! Who will discover their secret? Will they be ok? Can their youthful exuberance survive a judgmental “real” world? We’ll all find out! Luca stars the voice acting talents of Jacob Tremblay, Jack Dylan Grazer, Emma Berman, Maya Rudolph, Jim Gaffigan, Marco Barricelli, & Saverio Raimondo.

    Sunshine, Vitamin D, & sojourns to the Italian Riviera are certainly things we all yearn for, but it just might not be in the cards for 2021… However, we can all experience some of its magic when Disney & Pixar’s Luca arrives in theaters on June 18. At The Hit House we’re all about adding sunshine to every project on which we have the privilege of working. As such it was particularly fun for Scott to contribute the layering from the classic tune for this Teaser Trailer. Just as Luca said, “We can go anywhere. Do anything,” that you, our clients request. From the coldest depths of outer space & fantastical uncharted magical lands, to the azure skies & dulcet tones of vacations on the Mediterranean & everything in between, we’ve got just the song & sound design for you in our extensive music libraries. & if not directly on hand, no problem, we’ll create it custom. Simply sit back, watch this trailer again, envision your next reality & we’ll craft its ideal music!

  • Defeating Evil Worldwide, with Dragon Magic

    Disney Reveals “Raya and the Last Dragon” International Trailer with The Hit House composer Dan Diaz’s Enhancement Contributions

    Dragons are awesome & Disney dragons are even awesomer (that’s a word, correct(?), well now it is)! & Disney dragons fixing the world are even awesomerer! That said, even the ne plus ultra of dragons & trailers need the perfect music, so… That’s where we gratefully entered the frame, or audio-speakers as it were. For their Official International Raya and the Last Dragon trailer Disney needed enhancements to their song “What A World We Live In,” & luckily that’s The Hit House’s speciality, well one of our specialities. Thus we were honored to have our composer Dan Diaz contribute his enhancements to this newest Disney trailer!

    The soon to premiere Raya and the Last Dragon is an animated action-adventure fantasy film directed by Don Hall & Carlos López Estrada, & co-directed by Paul Briggs & John Ripa. In the fictional world of Kumandra, dragons & humans once lived together in peace until the evil Druun monsters invaded & the dragons saved the world through their own sacrifice. Now the shattered peace has divided the land into five parts of Fang, Heart, Spine, Tail, & Talon. The Warrior Princess Raya (voiced by Kelly Marie Tran) & her faithful pet pill bug Tuk Tuk set off to find the last dragon, Sisu (voiced by Awkwafina) to enlist her help to finally destroy the Druun forever. Together with the last water dragon & a united band of misfits, Boun, Tong, Noi, & the Ongis, Raya learns to trust again & rely on her friends to try to defeat the Druun. Raya and the Last Dragon also stars the voice-acting talents of Gemma Chan, Daniel Dae Kim, Sandra Oh, Benedict Wong, Jona Xiao, Izaac Wang, Thalia Tran, & Alan Tudyk.

    Divided worlds, riven with strife, must be united against evil. In that vein Raya and the Last Dragon shows a beautiful path forward. We’re excited to watch the tale when it arrives theatrically & simultaneously on Disney+ with Premier Access on this March 5, so get your tickets & order early now. Until then, we’re proud to have contributed to this international trailer. When your next adventure needs the ideal song enhanced or even an original piece, keep us in mind & sound the call, for we’ll be your merry band of misfits that work united to vanquish your foe!


    Saban Films’ “Cosmic Sin” Official Trailer features The Hit House composer William August Hunt’s “Swart” Trailer Music!

    When humanity’s survival is in question, there is no length to which Bruce Willis & Frank Grillo will not go to save us all. By the same token The Hit House is happy to contribute modern & heroic orchestral hybrid music to the Official Trailer, & thus Saban Films’ newest release Cosmic Sin is a go. From our “Re:Action Noir” album, comes the track “Swart” by composer William August Hunt.

    Directed by Edward Drake & written by Edward Drake & Corey Large, Cosmic Sin is an action scifi set in 2524 where a retired general (Bruce Willis) is re-enlisted to battle a hostile alien fleet that has just attacked a remotely colonized planet. When taking the battle to the enemy is the only option left, Willis & General Eron Ryle (Frank Grillo) lead a team of elite soldiers to save humanity. Cosmic Sin also stars Luke Wilson, Adelaide Kane, C.J. Perry, Lochlyn Munro, Eva De Dominici, & Brandon Thomas Lee.

    If the crisis is planetary & existential, The Hit House not only has the music for it, but also for everything that may be slightly less apocalyptic. That said, count us in for all your hybrid action needs, because if we don’t have it in our extensive sound library, we’ll be happy to create it customized to your requirements. Now if you do happen to contact us on March 12 please leave a message, as we’ll definitely be a bit busy watching Cosmic Sin, on the day it arrives in theaters, on Digital & on Demand.

  • Happily Ever After Thru Fairy Godmothers

    Disney’s Spellbinding New “Godmothered” & Its TV Spot with The Hit House’s Upbeat Contributions

    We’re all looking for our “happily ever after” & Disney consistently delivers. Now once again, Godmothered brings the bippity boppity boom of fun we all so desperately need. To that end The Hit House was lucky to contribute our song “Hogwash” by composer Michael Vincent Rubino, from our “Fun Re:Percussions” Album to this new spot.

    Directed by Sharon Maguire & written by Kari Granlund & Melissa Stack, Disney’s Godmothered is a PG Christmas comedy in which Eleanor (played by Jillian Bell), a new fairy godmother, who’s still learning her craft, tries to prove that her near defunct profession still matters. After finding the past wishes from a desperate young girl, she locates the now 40-year-old Mackenzie (played by Isla Fisher) in Boston & attempts to giver her a not-so-recently-requested happiness makeover. A series of hilarious & illuminating misadventures occur as the as yet untested fairy godmother-in-training does her best to save her profession by reintroducing Mackenzie to the belief that “happily ever after” still exists. Despite being a widowed & utterly overworked single mom, Mackenzie now has Eleanor in her corner, who does her best to prove that happiness exists after all, in every situation & or each person individually.

    Spell or no spell, we’re absolutely convinced that happily ever after does exist, especially when it comes to the gorgeous tales of happiness that Disney always creates. The Hit House’s “ever after” consists of constantly creating more music & sound design that can help give just the right tone to your project. That, truly makes us happy. Of course, now streaming Godmothered on Disney Plus is the perfect cherry on top our happiness sundae. We know you’ll feel the same.


    Oculus Introduces “Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond” Multiplayer Mode with The Hit House Remix of Irma Thomas’s “Time Is on My Side”

    A game of action, a game of gravitas, an immersive multiplayer game in a historic virtual environment deserves the perfect tone to present its incredible gameplay. Thus Oculus Gaming from Facebook released its multiplayer gameplay trailer for Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond with the Irma Thomas 1965 R&B cover of “Time Is on My Side” remix by The Hit House composer David Andronico. When the perfect music choices meet the ideal pairing of new technology with historical themes it’s always a pleasure for us to contribute to the project. The final result of this project left us amped up & ready to play.

    Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond was developed by Respawn Entertainment on the Unreal 4 Engine as a first-person historical shooter set in World War II & will be released for the Oculus Rift & Steam VR on December 11. In the plot of the game the player takes the role of an agent of the OSS (Office of Strategic services, an early pre-cursor to today’s CIA) and also of a French Resistance fighter. In order to lend true authenticity & get the historical facts correct, a series of short documentaries with actual brave veteran heroes of World War II was created as an informational & congratulatory Gallery to view as the game progresses. From Tunisia to Omaha Beach, infiltrating secret Nazi V-2 Rocket facilities & sneaking onto a German U-Boath submarines, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond has it all. Players incredibly get to participate in some of the most high stakes historic sabotage of Nazis operations, which actually occurred in the course of the war. There are of course also the multiplayer matches which pit opponents against each other in wild & raucous fast-paced first person shooter action scenarios. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond on the Oculus Gaming platform is a captivating experience that not only is entertaining, but directly puts the player into the existential historical drama that was the defeat of the Nazis in World War II.

    Sure, sabotaging the plans of Nazis is immensely fulfilling, but the ability to do so in virtual reality over & over again takes it to a whole other level. As such, The Hit House is happy to have been able to contribute to Oculus’s Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond’s multiplayer trailer & can’t wait to play the actual game. When we can respawn forever, time is truly on our side. Similarly, when you’re next looking for that perfect song for your campaign, save some time & stress by simply reaching out to us, as we’ll either already have it for you in our expansive music library, or gladly create or remix the ideal track. Because just like time, The Hit House is on your side… Unless of course we see you in Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond multiplayer mode, then naturally it’s game on!

  • Crossing Worlds & Seasons on “His Dark Materials”

    HBO’s Season 1 Recap of “His Dark Materials” with The Hit House’s Music

    How to best convey the vast magnitude & riveting drama of crossing between worlds & seasons for HBO’s His Dark Materials series? The stunning visual cinematography & superb acting performances were already there, but the music to tie the character’s emotional hills & valleys to the ever evolving plot was still needed… So The Hit House was grateful for the opportunity to have our composers David Andronico & William August Hunt contribute their work “Adelaid” & “Alinas” from our “TALES V” album. Ultimately the ebb & flow of the orchestral score helped enhance the visual & story elements from Season 1 to prepare the fans for Season 2 of His Dark Materials.

    Season 2 of HBO’s His Dark Materials arrived in 2020 upon the heels of a critically lauded & fan adored Season 1. Crafted from the trilogy of books by author Philip Pullman, His Dark Materials tells the tale of the young orphan Lyra Belacqua (played by Dafne Keen), a resourceful & courageous girl who discovers twisted plots of power & darkness by devious entities across multiple dimensions. It all begins with Lyra’s adventure to find her missing friend, which results in her uncovering secrets involving her previously unknown family, magical “Dust,” an array of other-worldly tools with powerful capabilities, & an eclectic blend of evil, questionable, & good characters that sometimes assist & other times hinder her journey. Witches, daemons, & other trans-dimensional beings abound in a reality that is at once both mesmerizing & terrifying. The series also stars smashing ensemble & individual performances by Ruth Wilson, Anne-Marie Duff, Clarke Peters, James Cosmo, Ariyon Bakare, Will Keen, Lucian Msamati, Gary Lewis, Lewin Lloyd, Daniel Frogson, James McAvoy, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ruta Gedmintas, Amir Wilson, Nina Sosanya, Jade Anouka, Sean Gilder, Simone Kirby, & Andrew Scott.

    Magical worlds deserve ethereal tales & Philip Pullman’s written concepts certainly delivered as does HBO’s adaptation of His Dark Materials. Similarly, other worldly series deserve the requisite music to enhance the viewer’s experience of the journey. The Hit House is excited to watch the rest of the His Dark Materials Season 2, & is honored to have been able to contribute David & Will’s music to the Season 1 recap. Going on journeys to different worlds through visual storytelling is what we love, & getting to create music for it is simply something else. There are infinitely more stories to tell & tracks to create, so when your next adventure strikes, be sure to give us a shout. Surely we’ll be able to collaborate & contribute to enhancing & easing that glorious journey you’re on.