About THH

We believe music is human connection.

A one-stop label supporting independent artists.

Not an algorithm.

A premium score and sound design catalog driven by exclusive staff composers.

Not an AI optimized search engine of endless background tracks.

A team of award-winning custom music creators.

Welcome to The Hit House. We take music personally.

Sally House


Stage Mom x All Knowing, All Seeing Ruler x Patron of The Chiropractic Arts

Jesse Goodwin

Vice President

Escape Room Expert x Head of A&R and Catalog Development x Mediocre Youth Soccer Coach

Sylvia Riege


Tomato Tiller x Library and Operations Administrator x Amateur Hound Trainer

Scott Miller

Creative Director

Go Kart Wunderkind x Composer Guru x Staunchly Anti-Vegetable

Malik Adunni

Artist Relations

Children’s Book Author x Global Connector x Guardian of Sir Henry Pineapple

Tom Ito

Marketing Director

Unrepentant Sesquipedalian x Web Curation & PR x Patagonia Superfan

William Hunt


Gym Etiquette Devotee x Clio And GTA Winning Orchestrator x Golf Club Owner and Sometimes User

Tori Letzler


Raised By Cirque Du Soleil Cast x EDM Alias Anointed x Cinema’s Resident Ooh and Ahh-er

Dan Diaz


Pro Podcast Listener x Songwriter and Producer x Occasionally Successful Pizzaiolo

David Andronico


NYC Pizza Appropriator x Pseudonym Loving Songwriter x Aspiring Motivational Speaker

Kate Diaz


Retired Ultimate Frisbee Player x Songwriter and Producer x Thrift Shop Regular

Steven Richard Davis


THH’s Longest IMDB Page x Synthaholic x Unapologetic Cat Dad

Chad J. Hughes

Sound Designer

Vintner Extraordinaire x Emmy Award Winner x Most Well Dressed Farmer Recipient

Roger Suen


Cat Backpack Reviewer x Sundance Festival Top Score Award Winner x Vertical Rock Formation Conqueror