April 28, 2022 Tom Ito

Not A Comeback, But A Return of Two Best Chipmunk Friends!

Rangers that rescue never get cancelled, they just age & have “CGI Surgery,” & so “Chip ’n Dale, the Rescue Rangers are back on Disney+! For this type of return Disney needed just the right sounds which The Hit House composer David Andronico was happy to contribute for the Official Trailer.

Streaming on Disney+ on May 20, Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers, directed by Akiva Schaffer, tells the story of what happened after the original Rescue Rangers was cancelled. Both Chip & Dale are still living in Los Angeles where Chip (voiced by John Mulaney) sells insurance & Dale (voiced by Andy Samberg) had CGI surgery & is working the circuit of conventions where he meets fans from decades ago… But when an old friend of theirs goes missing they set aside their differences to revive their detective chops & save their lost buddy. An all-star voice cast underpins this film with Will Arnett, Eric Bana, Keegan-Michael Key, Seth Rogen, J.K. Simmons, & KiKi Layne amongst others.

Mixing real-life live-action & animation into an action-adventure comedy film is the perfect vehicle for bringing back these two lovable striped rodents! Even better that we don’t have to buy tickets, but can just stream it directly from our home TVs! As always, The Hit House is excited we could contribute to another Disney trailer & we can’t wait for May 20, when Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers streams!