April 21, 2022 Tom Ito

Apple TV+, Attenborough, & Dinosaurs Leave Us Mesmerized

When The Hit House was given the opportunity to contribute to Apple TV+’s new Prehistoric Planet 5-Part nature documentary, we said, “yes please!” Thus composer Kate Diaz was able to contribute to the Official Trailer for Apple TV’s “new” Late Cretaceous doucumentary starring creatures from 66 million years ago!

Executive Produced by Jon Favreau & Mike Gunton, Apple’s Prehistoric Planet will be narrated by the one & only Sir David Frederick Attenborough, as the newest palaeontological research is shown with a never before seen photorealistic depiction of some dinosaurs, such as a juvenile Tyranosaurus rex covered in feathers. It will be a enthralling ride back to the past as the viewer becomes immersed into a prehistoric world of which we could previously only dream.

Needless to say we at The Hit House are awestruck to be able to contribute to the Official Trailer with such a living luminary as David Attenborough & can’t wait for May 23 when we won’t be answering any calls, but simply streaming Prehistoric Planet on Apple TV+. However, if you do need trailer music, sound design, or music supervision prior to that date, please feel free to ring us! Until then, we’ll be making music & brushing up on our Dino knowledge.