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EMPRXSS is the brand new creation from heralded New York singer-songwriter, Emily Angell, and industry secret weapon, producer/composer David Andronico.

The fusion of hard hitting, over the top production with Emily’s powerful vocals and messaging sits high upon the throne and must be obeyed.


Connecticut’s DEEGAN is understated hip hop, folk, alternative and pop coming together to exude chill, confidence, and summer vibes.

His relatable storytelling and minimalist style-hopping have gained him millions of streams, thousands of followers and a groundbreaking EP on THHrecords.

Canadian Orchestral Rock visionaries, Værisa, are known for crafting a music experience that will not soon be forgotten. Sonically mesmerizing, visually stunning, emotionally powerful and lyrically profound, these cross genre prodigies blend the cinematic with the electronic and the concerto with the concert.


Dan Heath is a Multi-platinum songwriter, producer, classical pianist and the owner of LA’s most delightful British accent.

He has written songs for the likes of Lana Del Rey and Dua Lipa and composed along side Hanz Zimmer.

Dan’s unique talents is his mastery of cinematic grander, ethereal song writing, awe filled orchestration combined the best vocalists in the world.

His new ep, EMPYREAL, is gorgeous, powerful, daunting, moving and every bit worthy of his Hit House Debut.

What happens when you team up some of the EDM’s best international producers with charting vocalists like rising Hip-Hop star Malcolm Anthony, EDM mainstay Dani King and Tik Tok phenom Alex Phillips? You get ATTENUATE, an opus of dark, emotional, futuristic, speaker-immolating masterpieces full of blinding synths, cutting lyrics, and enough bass to make your subwoofer get up and walk out on you.

Ryck Jane

Ryck Jane is a force that needs to be reckoned with, recognized and reveled in.

As a multi-instrumentalist she has backed up Beyonce at the Super Bowl, John Legend on Tour and Sly and The Family Stone In the Studio.

As a rapper and vocalist her solo music has been heralded by Hype, Genius and featured on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts.

The Hit House is humbled to release Ryck’s new album “Goin’ Up”.

Nuclear level swagger bombs, emotional triumph anthems and go hard, life affirming bops.

Get down to “Goin’ Up” now, and hear what the next level sounds like.

A duo of Nashville 90’s kids known for turning the narrative of existence into unapologetically candid lyrics wrapped inside feel good, experimental pop anthems.

With millions of streams across their high concept music and videos, The Hit House enthusiastically welcomes their unique sound and vision to our Artist Roster.

“Cycles” is a bombastic, theatrical take on the nature of life – from insanity to insecurity – wrapped in a sonic package of massive horn sections, giant drums and ridiculously catchy gang vocals.

It’s time for you ditch the bummer karma and download an entire EP of Good Vibes Only anthems.

Champion Mood is the rap-meets-pop-then-triple-kisses-with-rock band that was borne from a collaboration between Chicago native Hip-Hop visionary Lando Chill and producer/songwriter/sync god Dan Diaz.

Lando is a genre defying lyricist, poet and artist who has one of Bandcamp’s 100 best albums and some of Youtube’s most groundbreaking videos. Diaz is a songwriter whose music has over a billion impressions worldwide with song credits ranging from top performers to top tier brands.

The Duo’s paths collided and the EP that resulted can only be described as “Damn, that sh*t is fire”.

Artist, Producer, Songwriter, Actor… Meet Hit House’s New Resident

A Year on Earth

He sonically paints with an emotional palette bigger than Bob Ross’s after a sale at Michaels.

South Africa’s Sam Burger, better known as A Year On Earth, writes songs to make you feel all the feels.

He’s been Apple’s New Artist Spotlight, has almost 3 million streams and has toured with Bastille, The Lumineers and the Cure—all as an unsigned artist.

He has co-written songs with Above & Beyond and Seven Lions that #1 on dance radio and has over 13 million streams.

But what he really wants is to create music people can escape to and find comfort when they need it. All we want at The Hit House is to stop weeping when we hear it.

AYOE’s latest EP Aquiver is an album of gorgeous, vivid tracks that explode with raw passion, beauty and pain. The Hit House is crying happy tears that it finds its new home among our Artist Roster.


Andro Niko is an NY based DJ/Producer/Songwriter who has been behind the scenes for way too long. He is finally ready to take center stage with an EP of Uptempo Pop EDM anthems that will make any socially distanced festival sing long loudly into their neon face masks. The best part? Andro Niko didn’t just roll solo to this party. He brought along some of the top vocalists in the game to feature on 6 exciting tracks that ride the sound waves from upbeat and inspirational to exuberant dance bangers.
Caden’s Hills is an LA based, indie pop rock artist, who recently released his debut EP.  Caden’s Hills enjoys writing uplifting, anthemic songs with the hopes to inspire his listeners to let go of their fears and chase their dreams…“Music for dreamers”, as his Instagram bio proclaims.  Although only releasing his first set of songs earlier this year, tracks “Find My Way”, “Livin’ It Up”, and “Leap” have been featured on several popular YouTube playlists, including AlexRainBird Music and IndieVibes, helping Caden’s Hills music reach thousands of new listeners.  Caden’s is currently in the studio working on his follow up album.
The Wall Street Journal dubbed musician Salme Dahlstrom a “savvy singer” and “music licensing queen” when she managed to license every track from her 2008 album The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade to various corporations and television programs. At the time, Dahlstrom was not only just getting noticed, she was just getting started. She climbed Billboard’s Dance Chart and eventually received prominent placements in major ad campaigns for CoverGirl, Suave, and Kellogg’s that ran on primetime network television for months. ​Dahlstrom’s latest release is The Hit House Featuring Salme Dahlstrom. – “It is a collaboration with some of my favorite people in the industry, The Hit House”, Dahlstrom explains. “They came to me and said “just do you” and I did. I searched in new and unexpected places for inspiration (and found it), I worked with children and animals and came out on the other side in one piece and feeling fabulous! Some amazing vocalists lent their voices to this project – Cole Williams, Yazmin Soul, Farrad Mullins, Amber Skyes and Brian Jenkins all brought their own special flavor of excellence and it made this album so much greater”.


The Hit House has always been breaking new ground. It was time to shatter the walls around us. We interpolated cutting edge original Hip Hop with our industry defining trailer music. To give this project the respect it deserved, we needed to expand the team.

Who are these guys, anyway?

Public records show that Broken’s mom married Caffiene’s father (his 3rd marriage, her 6th) when both were 9 years old. Police reports from the following 12 months show 15 cases of Juvenile on Juvenile domestic disturbances and 35 noise complaints of loud and violent music. A year later, both parents went out for cigarettes and never returned. The blurred recounting of the following decades are a whirlwind snapped bones, near overdoses and rock and roll.

A voice. Powerful, ferocious, haunting.

A human instrument that has swooned the listeners of KCRW, Earmilk and dozens of national syncs.  Ruby Friedman is a High-voltage Los Angeles Singer-Songwriter who has graced stages along side Brian Wilson, Jeff Bridges and appears regularly at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

Ruby teamed up with the award winning producers of The Hit House to create an album of dark, cinematic, orchestral rock tracks. An EP of massively vivid, lyrical opuses befitting of the siren.

This band is destined to replace the word “SWAGGER”

….with only consonants

…spelled out in Stomp Stomp Clap morse code.

SRGNT is an LA based modern rock band with confident riffs, empowering lyrics and a daunting boldness to their guitar driven bangers.

Any single one of their songs will hype you up harder than a boomer on a vax high.

Kat Quinn is an indie-pop songbird who discovered her love for music at a young age with drums, piano, and guitar. Her mastery of crafting heartfelt, approachable acoustic driven, emotionally honest music has catapulted her songs of joy, love, life and the world around her to international tour dates and a live performance on Jimmy Fallon.






The Keymakers Shades