Happily Ever After Thru Fairy Godmothers

Happily Ever After Thru Fairy Godmothers
December 7, 2020 Tom Ito

Disney’s Spellbinding New “Godmothered” & Its TV Spot with The Hit House’s Upbeat Contributions

We’re all looking for our “happily ever after” & Disney consistently delivers. Now once again, Godmothered brings the bippity boppity boom of fun we all so desperately need. To that end The Hit House was lucky to contribute our song “Hogwash” by composer Michael Vincent Rubino, from our “Fun Re:Percussions” Album to this new spot.

Directed by Sharon Maguire & written by Kari Granlund & Melissa Stack, Disney’s Godmothered is a PG Christmas comedy in which Eleanor (played by Jillian Bell), a new fairy godmother, who’s still learning her craft, tries to prove that her near defunct profession still matters. After finding the past wishes from a desperate young girl, she locates the now 40-year-old Mackenzie (played by Isla Fisher) in Boston & attempts to giver her a not-so-recently-requested happiness makeover. A series of hilarious & illuminating misadventures occur as the as yet untested fairy godmother-in-training does her best to save her profession by reintroducing Mackenzie to the belief that “happily ever after” still exists. Despite being a widowed & utterly overworked single mom, Mackenzie now has Eleanor in her corner, who does her best to prove that happiness exists after all, in every situation & or each person individually.

Spell or no spell, we’re absolutely convinced that happily ever after does exist, especially when it comes to the gorgeous tales of happiness that Disney always creates. The Hit House’s “ever after” consists of constantly creating more music & sound design that can help give just the right tone to your project. That, truly makes us happy. Of course, now streaming Godmothered on Disney Plus is the perfect cherry on top our happiness sundae. We know you’ll feel the same.