December 4, 2020 Tom Ito

Oculus Introduces “Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond” Multiplayer Mode with The Hit House Remix of Irma Thomas’s “Time Is on My Side”

A game of action, a game of gravitas, an immersive multiplayer game in a historic virtual environment deserves the perfect tone to present its incredible gameplay. Thus Oculus Gaming from Facebook released its multiplayer gameplay trailer for Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond with the Irma Thomas 1965 R&B cover of “Time Is on My Side” remix by The Hit House composer David Andronico. When the perfect music choices meet the ideal pairing of new technology with historical themes it’s always a pleasure for us to contribute to the project. The final result of this project left us amped up & ready to play.

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond was developed by Respawn Entertainment on the Unreal 4 Engine as a first-person historical shooter set in World War II & will be released for the Oculus Rift & Steam VR on December 11. In the plot of the game the player takes the role of an agent of the OSS (Office of Strategic services, an early pre-cursor to today’s CIA) and also of a French Resistance fighter. In order to lend true authenticity & get the historical facts correct, a series of short documentaries with actual brave veteran heroes of World War II was created as an informational & congratulatory Gallery to view as the game progresses. From Tunisia to Omaha Beach, infiltrating secret Nazi V-2 Rocket facilities & sneaking onto a German U-Boath submarines, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond has it all. Players incredibly get to participate in some of the most high stakes historic sabotage of Nazis operations, which actually occurred in the course of the war. There are of course also the multiplayer matches which pit opponents against each other in wild & raucous fast-paced first person shooter action scenarios. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond on the Oculus Gaming platform is a captivating experience that not only is entertaining, but directly puts the player into the existential historical drama that was the defeat of the Nazis in World War II.

Sure, sabotaging the plans of Nazis is immensely fulfilling, but the ability to do so in virtual reality over & over again takes it to a whole other level. As such, The Hit House is happy to have been able to contribute to Oculus’s Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond’s multiplayer trailer & can’t wait to play the actual game. When we can respawn forever, time is truly on our side. Similarly, when you’re next looking for that perfect song for your campaign, save some time & stress by simply reaching out to us, as we’ll either already have it for you in our expansive music library, or gladly create or remix the ideal track. Because just like time, The Hit House is on your side… Unless of course we see you in Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond multiplayer mode, then naturally it’s game on!