September 20, 2018 Tom Ito

Nothing like some music to get the Venom pumping.

Sony Pictures’ & Marvel Entertainment’s Venom, shoots into theaters soon, & with it the expectation of an incredible performance by its star Tom Hardy. To truly elevate the impending release, the raw power, & perceived evil brought to the screen The Hit House composer William August Hunt’s “Activation” track from our KINETIC RE:ACTION album was chosen. A modern action hybrid piece with uptempo guitar riffs, percussive elements, & building pulses with orchestral & heroic portions, the track lent just the right tone to the international trailer spot.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, Venom tells the tale of journalist Eddie Brock who is picking up the pieces of his career, & is looking to do an exclusive exposé on the Life Foundation. In the midst of his investigation Eddie encounters an alien symbiote that melds with him, giving him superpowers, while simultaneously unleashing a sinister being within his own body. Also starring Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze, & Reid Scott, this dark story unleashes a new franchise as a spin on horror films.

When demons are set to be unleashed, & you want to build the tension & drama, The Hit House has the trailer music for you. Packed with action, suspense, & rising tension, our music will definitely create a reaction for you from your audience. With Venom approaching, we can’t wait for its October 5 release. Until then, we’ll be here, for you, making music & ready to watch Tom Hardy as Venom on the big screen.

Hear The Hit House composer William August Hunt’s “Activation” here on SoundCloud: