June 10, 2019 Tom Ito

When Ubisoft Premiered the Game Announcement Trailer for “Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad” at E3 2019, They Rallied the Specialists, & Called The Hit House

In an at times hostile environment whose players demand only the best, namely E3 2019, Ubisoft launched the Game Announcement Trailer for Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad. For such a high stakes event, they knew only the perfect trailer music would do. Music which would not only illustrate the subtly menacing, momentous, & aggressive nature of their newest military role-playing game, but also serve to highlight the talents of the game’s characters while surpassing the audience’s high expectations. So they called The Hit House & we fielded our elite operator William August Hunt, Codename “Lord of the Strings” to complete the mission. With sophisticated tech, a highly tuned sense for music, & laser focused creativity Mr. Hunt completed “Master Force,” to fulfill the contract.

Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, will allow you to assemble & lead in real-time 5vs5 battles with the most iconic characters from Tom Clancy’s video game franchise. Both heroes & villains from from Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, The Division, & Splinter Cell are available & ready for combat duty. Hundreds of different weapons & gear types, are in your arsenal for you to train, equip, & upgrade your squad as you prepare to challenge other players in the PvP Arena & in Guild Wars. Additionally, you can enter the storyline of campaign mode to take out the enemy & save the world.

When chaos strikes & you have that special project, rally the specialists, pick up the phone, greenlight The Hit House & you know our elite squad will execute. We’re talking hits, no matter the magnitude, no matter the timeframe, our massively effective team will get the job done. Who said anything about music? Music production, it’s a front, & now you’ve read too much… But we’ll give you a pass, this once. Just make sure you pre-register now on Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad official website: www.elitesquadgame.com to unlock the exclusive Ghost Recon Breakpoint character Cole D. Walker in-game. We’ll know if you don’t, & would be, what’s the word, “unhappy,” because we want you to lead our elite squad. Laze the target, sit back & relax, as our team takes it out.

For your ears only, all the action of “Master Force,” by The Hit House operator William August Hunt, on SoundCloud: