May 22, 2018 Tom Ito

The Hit House Composer William August Hunt & Sound Designer Chad J. Hughes Combined Forces to create Music & Sound Design for the Official “Down A Dark Hall” Trailer

Lionsgate Premiere’s supernatural horror film Down a Dark Hall arrived with an official trailer filled with the requisite elements of music & sound design by The Hit House. For this trailer 6 time Emmy Nominated Sound Designer Chad J. Hughes & composer William August Hunt combined their skill sets to create the full compliment of auditory fear for Lionsgate Entertainment.

In a place where no one survives & the hallways only get darker, Director Rodrigo Cortés brought to life a script by Chris Sparling & Michael Goldbach, adapted from the eponymous young adult novel by Lois Duncan (author of I Know What You Did Last Summer). When 5 troubled teenage girls are sequestered at the mysterious Blackwood Boarding School, they believe they’ve found a haven to flourish under the eccentric tutelage of Head Mistress Madame Duret (Uma Thurman). However the institution takes a turn for the sinister as they begin to discover horrific secrets at the heart of Blackwood Manor, that may mean the death of them all. Down A Dark Hall, also stars AnnaSophia Robb, Isabelle Fuhrman, Victoria Moroles, Noah Silver, Taylor Russell, & Rosie Day.

Beware what doors you open to evil beings that may enter your house, but if you need the music & sound design to make their entrances auditorily creepy, The Hit House can definitely create something special for you… Except on August 17. That day we’re all booked, as we’ll gather our bravest friends & head to the theaters or order on demand (with all the lights on) Down A Dark Hall.