The Hit House Ranks in Inc. 5000

The Hit House Ranks in Inc. 5000
August 28, 2020 Tom Ito


Inc. 5000’s Annual “America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies” List this Year includes The Hit House

From The Hit House’s humble beginnings of creating music in a Southern California garage in 2005 to now having had over 1.69 billion views/listens of our music, sound design, & music supervision on our clients’ official YouTube channels alone, it’s been a long journey to Inc. 5000’s annual list of “America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies.” What started as a 2 person endeavor by founders Sally House (Executive Producer/CEO) & Scott Lee Miller (Creative Director) has expanded out to include a tightly interconnected team of composers, sound designers, vocalists, & music supervisors that have worked remotely in a distributed fashion from Los Angeles to NYC & London to Seattle & beyond.

Even pre-COVID The Hit House realized that to garner the requisite talent & to more effectively serve our clients, a cross-timezone group of experienced creatives could deliver a competitive advantage, not only from a near round-the-clock collaboration standpoint, but also from that of a quality of lifestyle perspective for our team. Working from home & avoiding the stress of commuting, improved not only quality of life, but also saved time & money. In the same vein The Hit House’s clients come from all over the world as the variety of content in our playlists of our trailer music, commercial music, & video game music can attest. From the largest films in China to blockbusters in the United States, the Official Trailers to which we’ve contributed have broken records in the competitive 24 hour viewing cycle to the tune of hundreds of millions of views, which then of course translates to tickets sold, streaming premieres downloaded, & video games purchased. The appreciation of the fans for the auditory content, extended as well to the peers of our industry as our clients gave us the opportunity to participate in & win a myriad of Clio Key Art Awards as well as Golden Trailer Awards (both of which set the bar for standards of excellence in the advertising & trailer music world). To create this wonderful dream was never easy, but through our extensive music & sound design library we are able to minimize pain points for our clients & always either have the perfect sounds & tracks on hand, or be able to craft a custom creation that ideally suits their needs.

The Hit House is honored & grateful to have been ranked among America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies in Inc. 5000, but this accolade jointly belongs to our terrific team, luminous composers, generous collaborators, & of course our enchanting clients, who, without hyperbole, are more like family. We are truly blessed to create music, sound design, & music supervision on a daily basis with people we hold in such high esteem. Plaudits of course go as well to all our fans who listen to, love, & support the sounds we make!

To find out our latest & greatest, we’d love to have you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitter, & YouTube. & of course, when you next need that ideal song, sound design element, or seek music supervision help, just give us a shout. We’re available & can’t wait to embark on that next project with you.