August 11, 2016 Tom Ito

The Hit House’s music for Target’s giving.


Target gives more than $4 million to communities every week and now people will know. In an effort to reinvigorate schools that have financial issues, Target gifted this elementary school the money to replace its decrepit P.E. equipment. The first-year basketball coach and P.E. teacher explains that P.E. helps children gain confidence to be healthy and stay fit.

Our Creative Director, Scott Miller composed “Basketballs” as a light uplifting lilt helping to underscore the empowering nature of supporting education in a multitude of different ways.

We are so happy to have worked on this spot for Target as we all at The Hit House also contribute our time through “Hands on Art,” to bring visual arts to schools in areas that do not have funding for arts.

Nothing breeds hope like knowing people care and are willing to help.