Music From Earth to Mars and Back

Music From Earth to Mars and Back
May 27, 2016 Tom Ito

“The Space Between Us” trailer features The Hit House composer Dan Diaz’s “Tiger’s Eye” track from the SPHERES: Verge album.

Our favorite thing about earth is music, and for the upcoming movie The Space Between Us The Hit House set the stage for a grand adventure into space and matters of the heart. Dan Diaz composed various tracks for the SPHERES: Verge album, but the perfect notes emerged for setting the tone for a trip to Mars in “Tiger’s Eye,” as heard from 0-0:20 in the trailer.

Directed by Peter Chelsom, The Space Between Us follows Gardner Elliot (Asa Butterfield) as the first human born on Mars. Living in complete isolation from any of his human earthbound peers Gardner begins an online friendship with Tulsa (Britt Robertson) a teenager in Colorado. On his first journey to Earth, the 16-year-old Gardner finally gets to experience all the joys and wonders of a world he could previously only read and dream about visiting. Despite all the wonderment and joy at his new adventure to his “home,” calamity strikes when scientists discover that Gardner’s organs can’t withstand the earth’s atmosphere which differs from that of Mars. Gardner follows his heart, finds Tulsa and on flees the authorities who seek to save him from a medical disaster. Between the heavens and earth, Gardner races against time to unravel the mysteries of how he came to be, what Tulsa means to him, and where he belongs in the universe. The key cast is rounded out with Gary Oldman and Carla Gugino.

Save your seat for the trip of a lifetime as The Space Between Us lands in theaters on August 19, 2016.