November 13, 2017 Tom Ito

Netflix’s New Limited Series “Godless” features The Hit House’s “Hunt You Down” Trailer Music.

When Netflix created its first limited series, they turned to Create Advertising to make the trailer. In turn, Create contacted The Hit House to see what music we could deliver, & it turns out we had just the song to fit their needs. Written by Scott Lee Miller & William August Hunt, with impassioned vocals by Ruby Friedman of The Ruby Friedman Orchestra, Hunt You Down is a soulful ballad of darkness to come. For the Godless trailer, it proved to be the perfect fit at 0:29-1:48.

Created & directed by Scott Frank, Godless is a Western set in the 1800s about a larger than life criminal Frank Griffin (played by Jeff Daniels) & his band of criminals who are seeking revenge against his former accomplice Roy Good (played by Jack O’Connell) who betrayed the gang. Fleeing from the gang, Roy finds sanctuary with the woman governed mining town of La Belle, New Mexico, with the widow Alice Fletcher (played by Michelle Dockery). Almost all the men had previously died in a terrible mining accident, so when the remaining people of La Belle hear that Griffin is on his way to exact his pounds of flesh from Roy, they decide that together they must stand to ward off the evil of the outsider & his band of n’er-do-wells.

All 7 episodes of Godless arrive November 22, only on Netflix. Whether with God or without, when your next campaign travels the path of righteousness or plumbs the depths of the abyss, but above all needs the right music, call us & we shall embark on that journey of darkness or light with you.

Hear the full version of Hunt You Down by composers Scott Lee Miller & William August Hunt, with Ruby Friedman’s vocals on SoundCloud:

Watch a live performance of Hunt You Down with composers Scott Lee Miller on acoustic guitar, William August Hunt on cello, & Ruby Friedman’s vocals at Mint LA: