October 16, 2019 Tom Ito

The Hit House’s Custom Cover Contributes to Beating Nazis in “The Man in the High Castle” Season 4 Official Trailer

Hope can spring from many places, & in this case it arises from the idea that Nazis being vanquished in one universe can provide the template for saying auf-nimmer-wiedersehen to them forever in this world. Amazon Prime Video’s 4th & final season of The Man in the High Castle arrives on November 15, & with it they needed a way to exemplify the terrible longing for victory, the monumental journey traversed, & a way to properly conclude a story worth fighting for. To this end, The Hit House composer Scott Lee Miller meticulously crafted a custom cover, of Skeeter Davis’s 1962 hit single The End of the World, to which Lydia René lent her mellifluous vocals. This custom piece provided the ideal accompaniment to the stunning visuals of the final season’s epic conclusion of one of history’s greatest battles.

Based upon the eponymous 1962 novel by Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle depicts a dystopian parallel universe in which the Axis Powers win World War II & have divided the United States of America into the East Coast’s Greater Nazi Reich & the West Coast’s Japanese Pacific States. Between the two zones lies the neutral territory of the Rocky Mountains. As the plot progresses various characters find newsreels & home movies that depict a for them alternate reality that shows Japan & Germany losing the Second World War. Created by Frank Spotnitz & produced by Amazon Studios, The Man in the High Castle stars Alexa Davalos, Joel de la Fuente, & Jason O’Mara. In Season 4 Juliana Crain’s self-imposed mission is to eliminate Reichsmarschall John Smith. While the Nazis have developed the Nebenwelt Portal to invade different worlds, other plots points arise as Helen Smith fights to save her shattered family, Chief Inspector Kido is torn between the Imperial Army & the Royal Family, & amid all these conflicts the Black Communist Resistance blossoms as a new rebel force.

Whether it comes to destroying Nazis or creating customized trailer music, The Hit House is always ready, willing, & able to fight on the side of the righteous. No evil Reich can reign forever & thus fighting back is something that comes naturally to us, just like creating music or sound design. In that vein, we are happy to work with such talented artists as Lydia René, & on behalf of those such as Amazon Studios, who are willing to tell the stories that are worth dying for. When next you need such assistance, send up a flare, & we will be there. Until then, we can’t wait for November 15, when The Man in the High Castle arrives, & you better believe we will be watching & inspired, along with millions of others.

Enjoy The Hit House Scott Lee Miller’s custom cover of The End of the World, with Lydia Rene’s vocals, as The End of the Castle on SoundCloud: