You may have heard of House Stark, House Lannister, House Targaryen, & House Greyjoy, but there is a newcomer to the land, & we go by House Hit.

    HBO & JAX pillaged our castle looking for music for their latest trailer for Game of Thrones Season 7, & what did they find? Our King and Queen dressed in Medieval cosplay? No, but they did discover “Propellant”, Martyn Corbet’s war cry of a track, from our RE:ACTION RISE album.

    When you find yourself with enemies to your East, West, North, & South, you can always rely on our House for your next battle’s Theme Song.

    Rally the realm, for the great war begins on 7.16 at 9pm, only on HBO.

    ‘Til then, warm yourselves, our friends, on the full track of “Propellant” on SoundCloud, for Winter is here.

  • Nine Times: 2017 Golden Trailer Awards Nominations

    2017 Golden Trailer Awards Nominations with The Hit House's music in 9 nominees, including for "Beauty and the Beast", "Uncharted 4", "Baywatch", "Evolution", and "Alien Arrival".

    2017’s 18th Annual Golden Trailer Awards nominated trailers in 9 categories for 5 different projects that contained The Hit House’s music, including “Best Original Score” for “Beauty and the Beast”.

    The Golden Trailer Awards are an awards celebration dedicated to the year’s most outstanding achievements in motion picture & television marketing. On May 12, Evelyn Watters, the Golden Trailer Awards’ Executive Director announced the 2017 nominees. Included were nominations for the projects “Beauty and the Beast”, “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End”, “Baywatch”, “Evolution”, & “Alien Arrival”, all of which contained some of The Hit House’s music in 9 categories in which they were nominated. The 9 categories included, “Best Original Score” for “Beauty and The Beast”, Best Animation/Family for “Beauty and the Beast”, Best Fantasy Adventure TV Spot (for a Feature Film) for “Beauty and the Beast”, Best Video Game TV Spot for “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End”, Best Comedy for “Baywatch”, Best Foreign Horror Trailer for “Evolution”, Best Foreign Thriller Trailer for “Evolution”, Most Original Foreign Trailer for “Evolution”, & Best Independent Trailer (for film budget shot under a million US) for “Alien Arrival”.

    Watters commented on the event that, “Trailers, commercials & posters are a true & unique art form & the Golden Trailer Awards celebrate the artist & editors who work tirelessly behind the scenes to create these amazing marketing materials. This year’s nominees represent the best-of-the-best of the year in film & television marketing. We love the outstanding caliber of the creativity & are honored to once again shine a light on this special part of the industry.”

    Thank you to the wonderful teams at Aspect, The Propeller Group, Sony Playstation Creative, Workshop Creative, Mark Woolen & Associates, & Shawn Stevens that made this possible. See you all at the Golden Trailer Awards Ceremony on June 6! Until then, please enjoy the nominated works below, along with The Hit House’s music.

    Nominated Category: Best Original Score
    Project: “Beauty and the Beast”
    Work: “Tale” Final Trailer
    Studio: Disney
    Trailer Company: Aspect
    Composers: William August Hunt & Scott Lee Miller

    Nominated Category: Best Animation/Family
    Project: “Beauty and the Beast”
    Work: “Tale”
    Studio: Disney
    Trailer Company: Aspect
    Composers: William August Hunt & Scott Lee Miller

    Nominated Category: Best Fantasy Adventure TV Spot (for a Feature Film)
    Project: “Beauty and the Beast”
    Work: “All of Us Review”
    Studio: Disney
    Trailer Company: The Propeller Group
    Composers: William August Hunt & Scott Lee Miller

    Nominated Category: Best Video Game TV Spot
    Project: “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End”
    Work: “Heads or Tails”
    Studio: Sony Interactive Entertainment
    Trailer Company: Playstation Creative
    Composer: Scott Lee Miller

    Nominated Category: Best Comedy
    Project: “Baywatch”
    Work: “Domestic Trailer 2”
    Studio: Paramount Pictures
    Trailer Company: Workshop Creative
    Composer: Dan Diaz

    Nominated Categories: Best Foreign Horror Trailer, Best Foreign Thriller Trailer, & Most Original Foreign Trailer
    Project: “Evolution”
    Work: “Trailer”
    Studio: IFC Midnight
    Trailer Company: Mark Woollen & Associates
    Composer: Scott Lee Miller

    Nominated Category: Best Independent Trailer (for film budget shot under a million US)
    Project: “Alien Arrival”
    Work: “Trailer”
    Studio: Vertical Entertainment
    Trailer Company: Shawn Stevens
    Composer: Daniel Getz


    The Hit House’s custom intro music to The Sweet’s “Fox on the Run,” intros Ford EcoSport’s “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” spot.

    Marvel Studios & Ford joined forces to promote the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie & the upcoming Ford EcoSport subcompact crossover. The Hit House composer Scott Lee Miller created the custom intro music from The Sweet’s “Fox on the Run” song.

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, produced by Marvel Studios & distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, follows its successful precursor in telling the adventures of Peter Quill & his fellow Guardians. In this follow-up tale they are hired by a powerful alien race, to protect The Sovereign’s precious batteries from invaders. When it is discovered that Rocket has stolen the items they were sent to guard, the Sovereign dispatch their armada to search for vengeance. The Guardians try to escape & in the midst of the chaos the mystery of Peter’s family is unveiled.

    Ford’s EcoSport compact SUV arrives in 2018. With intelligent 4WD, Blind Spot Information System featuring cross-traffic alert sensors, SYNC® 32 with compatible Apple CarPlay™4 & Android Auto™5, & an optional 8-inch color LCD touchscreen, this sleek aerodynamically engineered vehicle offers the stylings you deserve.

    When you need just the right music for your superhero movie or commercial campaign, let The Hit House provide just the right tone for your spot. Now, go see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 & pre-order your Ford EcoSport today!


    Disney Pixar’s “Cars 3” features The Hit House’s trailer music by composer William August Hunt to revive a racing dream.

    Produced by Pixar & released by Disney Cars 3, the third movie in the Cars franchise, needed a fitting song to revive character Lightning McQueen’s broken career. The Hit House was happy to provide the track, “Ruth,” by composer William August Hunt as the ideal sweeping, orchestral, & heroic sound to rejuvenate the ailing status of the movie’s star car. Hear “Ruth” from 0:37-1:17 & 1:52-end of the new Cars 3 trailer.

    Directed by Brian Fee, this 3D computer-animated comedic & dramatic tale of redemption centers on the legendary race car Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson). As tragedy strikes in an epic race & winning newcomer Jackson Storm (voiced by Armie Hammer) forces Lighting McQueen into retirement the racing world is sent into a talespin. However, as the embodiment of the racing spirit Lighting McQueen will not call it quits. With the assistance of rookie Cruz Ramirez (voiced by Cristela Alonzo) & inspiration from the late Fabulous Hudson Hornet, Lighting claws his way back to a final raec on Piston Cup Racing’s biggest stage, the Florida 500.

    Whether you’re already on track to win or need some music to launch a comeback, remember The Hit House has just the right music to speed your ascent to the podium. On June 16, seize the chance, live the dream, & race to theaters to watch Cars 3.

    Hear “Ruth” by composer William August Hunt on SoundCloud:


    Savor the flavor of PlayQ’s “Taste Buds” mobile game with The Hit House’s music & sound design in the trailer & the game itself!

    In a music world of sweet, sour, salty, & savory we at The Hit House like to consider ourselves the Fifth taste. The umami of custom music. We got the tasty tunes that keep ya salivating & coming back for seconds.

    So when the MasterChefs of mobile gaming, Play Q, asked us to create the music & sound design for their newest game: Taste Buds, our composers William August Hunt & Scott Lee Miller, whipped up the yummy riffs while sound design maven, Chad J. Hughes, baked up every audible element. Even those scrumptious little voices were provided by our VO team. Final delivery to feast? A full spectrum Vegas Buffet of everything audio for the entire game & its marketing campaign.

    Play Q, Inc.’s Taste Buds are a team of 6 cute, fun-loving monsters, each the champion of one of the essential tastes. Together, they are here to defend the deliciousness of their flavors. But all is not well in Flavoria! The mysterious Happy Monster Company has arrived, led by the dastardly Orson, a truly tasteless monster determined to rid the world of flavor. Only YOU can help the Taste Buds save their food & friends before it’s too late! Play for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play. With beautifully vivid HD graphics, 3D maps full of surprises, a smorgasbord of levels, 6 unique & tasty modes, you can eat superfood to activate Taste Bud special abilities, unlock new regions & conquer special challenges. Bursting with fresh, sustainable, house-made, farm-to-table FUN it lands today!

    Fill your plates & satiate your tastebuds, now available on Google Play & the Apple iOS App Store!


    “We’ll all love her forever.” -George Lucas

    The 2017 Star Wars official fan convention in Orlando, Florida opened with fanfare & joy as it celebrated the franchise’s 40th year. However it also reflected a somber note of loving memory as George Lucas (creator of Star Wars) & Billie Lourd (actor & daughter of Carrie Fisher) paid special tribute to the Carrie Fisher. The iconic role of Princess Leia was one which Fisher had just recently reprised in the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

    The Hit House is deeply honored to have been able to provide music to help remember such a titan of not only the movie industry, but conqueror of the hearts of all those she met. She was, as George Lucas described her, “[A] princess. She was a senator. She had to hold her own against two big lugs [referring to Mark Hamill & Harrison Ford], but she was the boss. It was her war. When Carrie came in, she was that character. Very strong. Very smart. Very funny. Very bold. Very tough. It wasn’t really much of a question. There weren’t really many people like her. One in a billion.”

    In the above Star Wars Tribute to Carrie, you can hear our track “Azurite” (at 2:12-2:42) by composer Scott Lee Miller from the SPHERES: LUCID album & “Ruby” (at 2:46-4:45) by composer Martyn Corbet, from our SPHERES: VERGE albums (also available here on iTunes)

    The whole team at The Hit House truly feels that thus far this has been the highlight of our trailer & commercial music career. Nothing has made us happier than to share our music with Star Wars, stand with David Bowie, & honor the epic life & loving memory of Carrie Fisher.

    Hear “Azurite” on SoundCloud:

    Hear “Ruby” on SoundCloud:


    The “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul” trailer needed a music intro with gravitas, so The Hit House obliged.

    20th Century Fox’s 4th installment in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series arrives this May 19. So the trailer had to impart the ideal moxy for a wimpy kid becoming a hero. As an anchoring point the trailer used caped crusaders, galactic guardians, & amazing web slingers to pivot to the wimpy kid as a uniquely relatable hero. For the intro of 22 seconds they used The Hit House’s trailer music of “Cobalt” by composer Bill Conn, & “Aluminum Drums” by composer Scott Lee Miller.

    Directed by David Bowers, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul, takes place one year after the events of Dog Days. Greg Heffley (played by Jason Ian Drucker) & his brother Rodrick (played by Charlie Wright) convince their family to go on a road trip for their grandmother’s 90th birthday. In actuality, they’re using the journey as a pretext to get close to & ultimately attend a video game convention!

    Not all heros have giant muscles or wear spandex, but all heroes need music, & every movie trailer glorifies its hero. When your hero needs the perfect music, whether for capes, cutlasses, or even wimpiness, count The Hit House in. On May 19 a wimp will rise in theaters everywhere & we should all bear witness.


    IMG_1426 copy

    Music is a giant part of the movie marketing business & SXSW’s 2017 “From Inception to Exodus: Music in Movie Marketing” panel went on to address this key aspect of the Hollywood machine. March 15 at the Austin Convention Center saw an abundance of useful panels, seminars, & Q&As to attend, however this one included industry insiders directly from Los Angeles with intimate knowledge of what it takes to succeed in the business.

    The panel included Nick Weiss (SVP of Creative Services at Sony Pictures); Sohrab Nafici (Executive Director of Music/Legal at Warner Brothers), & Anny Colvin (Music Supervisor at JAX @ Rock Paper Scissors), while The Hit House’s owner & Executive Producer Sally House moderated.

    Many thanks to all who attended & hopefully left a lot more informed on the trailer music process. A special thank you to the incredible panelists that made Sally House’s job of moderating a true pleasure. The Hit House thoroughly enjoyed its stay in Austin & looks forward to SXSW 2018!


    The Hit House composer Dan Diaz’s trailer music kicks off the “Spark: A Space Tail” trailer.

    To launch their trailer for a film of wild space drama & comedy, Open Road Films needed the perfect tone, so they turned to The Hit House. Composer Dan Diaz’s “Saphira” trailer music features in the first 23 seconds to set the stage for this galactic family adventure.

    Written & directed by Aaron Woodley, Spark: A Space Tail is a 3D computer animated sci-fi comedy. Spark (voiced by Jace Norman) is a know-it-all teenage monkey who, along with his friends Vix a fox (voiced by Jessica Biel) & Chunk a warthog (voiced by Rob deLeeuw), lives on an abandoned planet. 13 years prior the evil General Zhong had taken control of the Planet Beta & wiped out Spark’s family. Outnumbered & outgunned, but with his scrappy crew of misfits, Spark now has to stop Zhong (voiced by Alan C. Peterson) from using the deadly space Kraken to destroy the whole universe. On his quest to save the solar system Spark embarks on a wild galactic mission that leads to the truth of his own identity. The film also features the voice acting of Hilary Swank, Susan Sarandon, & Patrick Stewart.

    Whether flying through space with monkeys, swinging through jungles on terra firma, breaking spells in enchanted castles, or sailing the high seas with pirates, remember, The Hit House has the music needs covered for your next trailer adventure. See Spark: A Space Tail go bananas in theaters on April 14!

    Watch composer Dan Diaz’s own take on writing the trailer music for Spark: A Space Tail:

    Hear “Saphira” on SoundCloud, from The Hit House’s “TALES” album:

  • Born in China for Earth Day 2017

    Disneynature’s “Born in China” trailer features The Hit House’s song “Smaug.”

    Disneynature takes on the adventure of a lifetime as it follows the never-before-seen lives of 3 animal families: majestic pandas, savvy golden monkeys, & elusive snow leopards. To highlight the grandeur of the film set in the heart of China, they chose The Hit House’s track “Smaug” by composer Martyn Corbet, from our “Epic Funny Bone The Third: Orchestral Escapades” album.

    Narrated by John Krasinksi, this nature film features breathtaking imagery as it takes the viewer through endlessly varied terrains, from icy mountains to the secrets of bamboo forests, & through the air with a red-crowned crane. It never ceases to highlight intimate & varied animal family moments that have now been recorded for the first time ever.

    Remember that even in the most subtle moments anywhere on our gorgeous green planet, The Hit House has the music you need to evoke the emotions you desire. Discover pristine wilds that you never knew existed with Disneynature’s Born in China in theaters April 21.

    BONUS: If you see Born in China opening week Disneynature will make a donation in your honor to the World Wildlife Fund to benefit wild pandas & snow leopards.