June 15, 2018 Tom Ito

KCRW Presents "The Future is Female: A Concert Celebrating Female Composers" at The Wiltern Sept 4th produced by Tori Letzler.

The Hit House sponsors KCRW’s “The Future is Female: A Concert Celebrating Female Composers”, Produced by Multi-Hyphenate Tori Letzler

On September 4, 2018, KCRW will present their Annual The Future is Female Concert at the historic Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles. Featuring the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra, the event is produced by our very own composer, vocalist, performer, & producer Tori Letlzer. In association with Live Nation & The Alliance for Women Film Composers the talents of an all-star lineup, in addition to Tori, including: Germaine Franco, Tamar-kali, Ronit Kirchman, Cindy O’Connor, Heather Mcintosh, Mandy Hoffman, Emily Rice, Perrine Virgile-Piekarsk, Aska Matsumiya, Tangelene Bolton, & Jessie Weiss, will be showcased. The concert will feature the incredible contributions of women composers in film & TV, as well as the global music composition community at large.

Though female composers have been in the ascendancy, thus far few film music concerts have featured the music work of women composers. Thus, The Future is Female Concert will shine a spotlight, at a national level on the wonderful works, created & performed by these ultra-talented ladies. Through 2017, only 3% of the top 250 grossing films employed female Composers. Unfortunately, according to a study by The Center for the Study of Women in Television & Film by Martha M. Lauzen, Ph.D. This represents no change from 2016. Additionally, women only accounted for 11% of Directors, 11% of Writers, 19% of Executive Producers, 25% of Producers, 16% of Editors, & 4% of Cinematographers. Clearly these stunning discrepancies in representation are long overdue for change, so bringing attention through musical performance helps to bring awareness to this problem.

The Hit House is extremely proud of Tori’s hard work, musical talent, & dedication to raise up, not only her own profile & brand, but also that of her female peers. We are privileged to sponsor such a worthy & inspirational cause. Get your Tickets to support these talented & hard-working ladies now at www.Wiltern.com & until we see you at the concert on September 4, catch some of Tori’s work below.

A Selection of Tori Letzler & Scott Lee Miller’s nightmarish score for trailer & commercial music, of 11 all-new cues from The Hit House’s PURGATORY album:

Tori’s vocals here with composer Scott Lee Miller’s cover of “I Need A Hero,” (through 0:30) for Johnny English Strikes Again: