June 22, 2018 Tom Ito

The Hit House's newest nightmarish trailer music & commercial music album, "PURGATORY."

Only PURGATORY Remains to Punish Sinners with Nightmarish Score & Terrifying Toolkit of Sound Design

At The Hit House, there’s a special place in Purgatory for each one of us, but now you can join in the horror, with 11 all-new trailer & commercial music cues, covering the full spectrum of the horror genre, & a toolkit of sound design.

Tori‘s Sin: Talking on speaker phone in line for coffee.
Purgatory: Circle 2, Cantos 5 – with a phone perpetually searching for LTE. (JK JK it was Sally not Tori, of course millennials don’t SPEAK on their phones).

Jesse‘s Sin: Tinder profile pic is from ten years ago.
Purgatory: Circle 3, Cantos 14 – in a constant cycle of first dates in which gas kicks in right after apps.

Scott‘s Sin: Is STILL being punished for his last life… and the one before that.
Circle 4611 – mixing Funny Bone DCCCXLVII.

Even so, our sins will never be worse than you not downloading PURGATORY immediately to use in your advertising campaigns.

Steel yourself, then enjoy a Selection from our PURGATORY Album: