February 7, 2017 Tom Ito

Greenhaus GFX’s “The Great Wall” spot included elements from The Hit House’s “Framework” sound design album.

Every movie advertising spot, like every wall, must be soundly constructed on a solid foundation. For The Great Wall spot by Greenhaus GFX, elements from the sound design album, “Framework,” by Chad Hughes were included.

Directed by Zhang Yimou, The Great Wall is a tale of epic historical fiction. Matt Damon headlines as the international star who leads a cast including Willem Dafoe, Hanyu Zhang, Eddie Peng, Kenny Lin, Cheney Chen, & Andy Lau. In a thrilling repurposing of history, the wall is shown to be a temporary safeguard from brutish monsters who ravage the area every 60 years. Written by Tony Gilroy, Carlo Bernard, Doug Miro, Max Brooks, Edward Zwick, & Marshall Herskovitz, The Great Wall premieres in the U.S. on February 17.

Next time you’re creating your trailer, remember The Hit House has a solid pre-built framework of sound design on which to build your own great wall.