JBL’s Sounds of Victory

JBL’s Sounds of Victory
May 13, 2020 Tom Ito

JBL’s Quantum Gaming Headsets Spot Arrives with The Hit House’s Music & Sound Design

For 70 years JBL has led their industry in successes & built their brand on innovations in sound. It has all culminated in this, the JBL Quantum Range of Gaming Headsets, designed to provide the competitive advantage every gamer needs. It’s safe to say JBL takes their sound seriously as it is their passion & life’s work. So when they needed to communicate this fact to the world, of course they wanted a team that treats audio just as sacredly as they do. Enter The Hit House composer David Andronico & 7 time Emmy Nominated sound designer Chad J. Hughes. Together they knew the mission, so David fastidiously composed the music, & Chad meticulously crafted the sound design for this JBL Quantum TV spot.

With JBL’s Quantum Range the competitive advantage that every gamer needs is delivered. But there is much more complexity that goes into creating these headsets, & JBL took every aspect into account to produce the ultimate in gaming audio delivery. This includes engineering spacial audio with individualized algorithms for total immersion, a boom microphone & echo noise suppression for fidelity & clarity, lightweight & durable premium memory foam ear cushions, 360 quantum sphere surround sound & an integrated head tracking sensor, proprietary software personalizing each gamer’s surround sound, mic, & light customization, active noise cancellation, game-chat for Discord, & of course compatibility for all platforms, including PC, Mac, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, & VR.

Clearly JBL gives audio their all for their fans, as in today’s fiercely competitive world of gaming not only is your reputation on the line, but literally millions of dollars. We take music & sound design just as seriously. So get yourself some JBL Quantum Headsets today, stay safe, & when you next need the ideal music & sound design to highlight your company’s passion & compliment your spot’s visuals, well, know that we’re here for you, ready to combine forces to deliver victory.