February 8, 2019 Tom Ito

Orion Pictures’ new Slasher introduced with a Custom Remix by The Hit House

Bringing all the screams & all the horror with an innocuous tune, the new Child’s Play trailer arrived with The Hit House composer Scott Lee Miller’s custom remix of “Best Friend.” After teasing the trailer with Kaslan Corporation’s announcement, by President & Founder Henry Kaslan, of a revolutionary new interactive tech toy, companion, & friend, named Buddi, it finally arrived.

Directed by Lars Klevberg & written by Tyler Burton Smith, Child’s Play, is a remake of the eponymous 1988 movie. This new rendition tells the horrifying tale of a mother named Karen (played by Aubrey Plaza) who gives her son Andy (played by Gabriel Bateman) a toy doll, named Chucky. Neither is aware of the doll’s true evil nature, but both soon come to appreciate the terrifying reality of its psychotic & deadly ways. Also starring Tim Matheson, this 2019 version is produced by Seth Grahame-Smith & David Katzenberg.

Nothing brings us more happiness than communicating & enhancing, through music, the true nature of a film through its trailer. In this case, what should normally be a steadfast & non-threatening object, a doll, is transformed into a raging serial killer. In the same fashion, the custom remixed tune of “Best Friend” & its happy-go-lucky sound & lyrics belie the nature of the blood-chilling story it actually underscores. Next time your project needs the ideal sound to set the right mood & communicate a nuanced tone, give us a ring. But rest assured, on June 21, when Child’s Play premieres, you’ll have to leave a voicemail, because we’ll be with there with everyone else, gripping our theaters seats in complete & utter fear, of our new best friend…