• U-verse + The Hit House = Music to your ears.

    When Columbia Tristar needed a logo sting they came to The Hit House.
    When DTS needed a logo sting they came to The Hit House.
    So, when AT&T needed a logo sting for their U-verse Specials original television shows, Digital Kitchen came to The Hit House. And, with our proven track record doing this kind of thing, we knew precisely what they needed.

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    The Hit House writes fresh, original music across the genres for trailers, advertising, television, gaming and any other need you may have.
    Thanks for listening.
  • STUPIDIOT. Pull my finger to listen.

    Half stupid. Half idiot. All Mojo Magnet.

    No, the new album from Mojo Magnet is not self-titled.

  • Happy Green Day

    Here’s a song for all those Irish and all those who just like green beer.

    Molly McMuffin

  • It’s the season to catch something

    Let’s hope it’s an infectious song and nothing else. Check out the FEELING GOOD remixes to brighten your day.

  • Chlorine

    Fresh off The Hit House’s first action release, the track ‘Chlorine’ is featured in the GREEN LANTERN motion picture advertising campaign. Enjoy.
    Click to hear CHLORINE

  • Bring on the gifts

    Happy holidays everyone from The Hit House and Mojo Magnet

    Mojo Magnet and his bike circa 1980-something

    Here’s hoping you get those gifts you’ve been waiting for all year.

  • Supporting the arts, one jeté at a time.

    What’s not to love about giant mice, sugar plum fairies, and one of the best holiday soundtracks of all time?
    We love the arts.  And love to support them.  Here’s to the original ‘Toy Story’.

  • Lexus + The Hit House = A whole new twist on the Holiday’s

    After over ten years of the Lexus December to Remember Holiday music, the guys at Team One asked The Hit House to turn it up to eleven.
    Below, you’ll hear what we did.
    Perhaps next year we can update the Holiday music at the mall. (Now that would be a Holiday gift for everyone.) 

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  • Hit House Mix Tape

    Hit House Mix Tape