April 18, 2017 Tom Ito

Savor the flavor of PlayQ’s “Taste Buds” mobile game with The Hit House’s music & sound design in the trailer & the game itself!

In a music world of sweet, sour, salty, & savory we at The Hit House like to consider ourselves the Fifth taste. The umami of custom music. We got the tasty tunes that keep ya salivating & coming back for seconds.

So when the MasterChefs of mobile gaming, Play Q, asked us to create the music & sound design for their newest game: Taste Buds, our composers William August Hunt & Scott Lee Miller, whipped up the yummy riffs while sound design maven, Chad J. Hughes, baked up every audible element. Even those scrumptious little voices were provided by our VO team. Final delivery to feast? A full spectrum Vegas Buffet of everything audio for the entire game & its marketing campaign.

Play Q, Inc.’s Taste Buds are a team of 6 cute, fun-loving monsters, each the champion of one of the essential tastes. Together, they are here to defend the deliciousness of their flavors. But all is not well in Flavoria! The mysterious Happy Monster Company has arrived, led by the dastardly Orson, a truly tasteless monster determined to rid the world of flavor. Only YOU can help the Taste Buds save their food & friends before it’s too late! Play for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play. With beautifully vivid HD graphics, 3D maps full of surprises, a smorgasbord of levels, 6 unique & tasty modes, you can eat superfood to activate Taste Bud special abilities, unlock new regions & conquer special challenges. Bursting with fresh, sustainable, house-made, farm-to-table FUN it lands today!

Fill your plates & satiate your tastebuds, now available on Google Play & the Apple iOS App Store!