January 1, 2019 Tom Ito

Disney’s “Dumbo” TV Spot with The Hit House composer Dan Diaz’s “Haku.”

When the powerful vision of Disney meets the creative genius of Tim Burton, & the classic tale of Dumbo, something magical happens. To underscore the pure joy & sensational energy of this project, The Hit House composer Dan Diaz’s song Haku, from our TALES Album appears in this TV Spot.

With a screenplay by Ehren Kruger, Director Tim Burton transforms Disney’s 1941 tale into an inspired 2019 live-action fantasy adventure remake. When a young circus elephant’s oversized ears only earn him cruelty & mocking from others, he discovers, with the help of some young friends that his enormous ears actually allow him to miraculously fly. Giving hope to all those who feel taunted or alone in something that makes them seemingly different, the tale of Dumbo shows that we are actually all united in our yearning to be extraordinary. Our perceived weaknesses, with encouragement of supportive friends, can be become rare talents. Starring Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Eva Green, & Alan Arkin, this film promises to leave us all filled with hope in our collective ability to raise up even the most downtrodden.

While we may never have been as mercilessly mocked as this eponymous young elephant, it is our pleasure to give flight, through music, to his soaring talents. Next time your trailer or commercial needs to build up the beauty of a lowly heroine or hero who emerges to shine bright, let us know & we’ll have or create the perfect music for you. As a tale that truly gives hope to all & allows us to rediscover our own humanity through the inspiration of Dumbo’s plight, March 29, can’t come soon enough, when Dumbo soars into theaters.