Music For Dining with Giants

Music For Dining with Giants
June 17, 2016 Tom Ito

The Hit House’s “Niner” featured in Disney’s “The BFG” Trailer.

Movies about behemoths need big music that moves, so The Hit House served up a large piece fit for dining with giants.

Composer William Hunt created “Niner” from the “EPIC FUNNY BONE The Third: Orchestral Escapades” which Disney chose to open this The BFG trailer. Hear the full version of “Niner” on SoundCloud here: “Niner” on SoundCloud

Based upon the children’s book written by Roald Dahl, Director Steven Spielberg takes us on a journey unlike any the world has ever known. Sophie, a 10 year old girl, embarks upon the adventure of a lifetime when she encounters The Big Friendly Giant. Although initially afraid, she quickly finds the giant to be have a soul and character that is as charming as it is gentle. However, evil giants find out about their friendship and soon Sophie and The BFG must join forces with Queen Victoria to save themselves and the world from the bad giants.

Watch the trailer, then see this epic friendship of The BFG open in theaters nationwide on July 1.