March 10, 2017 Tom Ito

The Hit House composer Dan Diaz’s trailer music kicks off the “Spark: A Space Tail” trailer.

To launch their trailer for a film of wild space drama & comedy, Open Road Films needed the perfect tone, so they turned to The Hit House. Composer Dan Diaz’s “Saphira” trailer music features in the first 23 seconds to set the stage for this galactic family adventure.

Written & directed by Aaron Woodley, Spark: A Space Tail is a 3D computer animated sci-fi comedy. Spark (voiced by Jace Norman) is a know-it-all teenage monkey who, along with his friends Vix a fox (voiced by Jessica Biel) & Chunk a warthog (voiced by Rob deLeeuw), lives on an abandoned planet. 13 years prior the evil General Zhong had taken control of the Planet Beta & wiped out Spark’s family. Outnumbered & outgunned, but with his scrappy crew of misfits, Spark now has to stop Zhong (voiced by Alan C. Peterson) from using the deadly space Kraken to destroy the whole universe. On his quest to save the solar system Spark embarks on a wild galactic mission that leads to the truth of his own identity. The film also features the voice acting of Hilary Swank, Susan Sarandon, & Patrick Stewart.

Whether flying through space with monkeys, swinging through jungles on terra firma, breaking spells in enchanted castles, or sailing the high seas with pirates, remember, The Hit House has the music needs covered for your next trailer adventure. See Spark: A Space Tail go bananas in theaters on April 14!

Watch composer Dan Diaz’s own take on writing the trailer music for Spark: A Space Tail:

Hear “Saphira” on SoundCloud, from The Hit House’s “TALES” album: