Huzzah to The Greatness of Catherine

Huzzah to The Greatness of Catherine
May 8, 2020 Tom Ito

Hulu’s Official Trailer for “The Great” incorporates The Hit House’s Music

The newest miniseries by Hulu, The Great is a wild satirical ride through the anti-historical adventures of Catherine the Great. Seismic Productions created the trailer to reflect this series steeped in comedy & drama. Thus a quirky, upbeat, & fun, while simultaneously zany, fanciful, & adventurous serving of trailer music was required. Luckily The Hit House composer William August Hunt’s “Drogon” from our Epic “Funny Bone 3: Orchestral Escapades” Album ideally fit the tone that helped to elevate the trailer to energetic new levels of mirth.

The Great is based on Executive Producer Tony McNamara’s play from the Sydney Theater Company’s eponymous 2008 production. With occasional historical facts peppered in, the series traces the ascent of Catherine, an 18th century Austrian royal plucked from the obscurity of rural living, to the throne of Russia. Having only idealism & romance in her heart she arrives in Russia to wed Emperor Peter, who shows himself to be the exact opposite of what her dreams of love & wedded bliss had been. The court & its denizens are filled with wild eccentricities that often become outright evil. Thus she is transformed, from a creature of sunshine to an expert at scheming & hatching plots to simply survive. Catherine’s story progresses as she decides to take on not only her husband the Emperor of Russia, but also the resolute church, the staunch military, & the crafty courtiers all of which seek to waylay her progress. However, through her tenacity & cunning the time for her reign is all but written & luckily we get to watch the wild ride! The Great stars Elle Fanning as Catherine, Nicholas Hoult as Emperor Peter, Phoebe Fox, Adam Godley, Gwilym Lee, Charity Wakefield, Douglas Hodge, Sacha Dhawan, Sebastian de Souza, Bayo Gbadamosi & Belinda Bromilow.

It was her time & she seized her greatness with aplomb, absolutely confounding her nay-sayers & for that Catherine amply deserves the title of “The Great.” Hulu has truly created a gem fit to adorn a royal crown in this wacky, uproariously funny, & absolutely binge-worthy comedic drama. We’re grateful Seismic Productions came to us for the music & happy that we could provide it for the latter half of this official trailer. On May 15, The Great arrives in 10 episodes, only on Hulu, & you can bet we’ll be binging it all night & throughout the weekend. Until then, we’ll continue to be the loyal vassals, creating music for all manner of trailers & commercials, but bear in mind, if you also need music for an occasional coup d’état, well, we’ll be happy to support & we may just have something up our sleeves, & definitely in our library as it were.