October 15, 2018 Tom Ito

Netflix shines a light on America’s Heroes.

The United States of America’s most prestigious award for valor is the Medal of Honor. It involves an action against an enemy force & is usually presented by the President of the United States of America in Congress’s name to a recipient. Netflix created a docu-drama series highlighting the true stories of heroism of 8 recipients, who left their mark on this world through their service & selfless actions. The Hit House composer William August Hunt was privileged to create music for Netflix’s trailer to highlight this moving series on ordinary people, put in extraordinary situations, who acted on a level above & beyond the normal call of duty.

Directed by James Moll & Executive Produced by Academy Award Winner Robert Zemeckis, Medal of Honor shines a spotlight on soldiers who made unfathomable sacrifices on behalf of their fellow citizens. The 8 part anthology series, currently streaming on Netflix, is told through a style of hybrid documentary & live-action footage. The stories range from World War II, to the Korean War, & Vietnam, & include the gallantry of: Edward Carter, Richard L. Etchberger, Hiroshi “Hershey” Miyamura, Vito Bertoldo, Sylvester Antolak, Ty M. Carter, Joseph Vittori, & Clint Romesha.

A series on what one recipient reflected succinctly upon, “Combat is not a great thing to be in, & it’s not a motivation to hate, by no means. It’s a motivation to love your brothers.” The Hit House’s music helped to underscore the momentous nature of the most extreme sacrifices these people made for each other & their country. Ultimately, their acts were done out of love, & earned in the hardest way possible. Watch their legacies in Medal of Honor, now streaming, only on Netflix.