November 22, 2016 Tom Ito

HONMA Golf needed the perfect way to unite American values within their golf aesthetic, so a reimagined “America the Beautiful” fit perfectly!

HONMA’s mission is to produce golf clubs that promote confidence and feel, which in turn will translate into more consistent play. All walks of life unite in their passion for Golf, whether American or Japanese, but how best to translate this truth into a visually stirring video? Enter The Hit House composer William Hunt who deftly reimagined “America the Beautiful,” as “America the Hopeful,” with vocals by Scotty Grand.

Every HONMA product embodies principles placing quality first and foremost, so they of course asked The Hit House for that same caliber of music. HONMA clubs are designed so you will feel all the pleasure and excitement golf can inspire, as this spot clearly shows. Committed to meticulous, genuine craftsmanship of Japanese production, HONMA appreciated the same attention to detail in the music created by The Hit House composer William Hunt. For both HONMA and The Hit House, each product is an extension of our philosophies and of the craftsmen who transform their materials into finished products.

HONMA Golf celebrates that which brings America together. Let the splendor of this spot engulf your passions, and keep The Hit House in mind, next time you need a bespoke piece of fastidiously crafted music.