December 15, 2017 Tom Ito

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" with The Hit House's work on music arrangements for the campaign.

Hit House Studios Left in Rubble After Several Composers Swear Allegiance to the Dark Chord.

After years of training, The Hit House was finally tasked by the rebellion to lend their skills to The Last Jedi campaign. Instantly, a rift began to form. Our wise sage, Scott Lee Miller, swore an oath to the Major chords long ago; bringing light and hope to the noble campaign. However… under the massive responsibility of scoring… his disciples soon strayed.

“At first it was one A Minor coming from Master William Hunt’s studio,” Scott told us while standing amidst the debris, his speech struggled after the battle. “Play not with such dark tones, thought I.”

One taste was all it took, as Hunt recruited Dan Diaz and the two traveled farther down the path away from light. For months the walls shook. TV spot after TV Spot went to air. One beautiful and grand, one gritty and unsettling. The sheer variance in tone uprooted the foundations of the once calm place of business.

Then, on December 15th, 2017, the war ceased. With a beautiful cacophony layering a magnitude of varied pieces of advertising, the roof finally gave in. The three composers agreed to a temporary truce until Episode 9, and began to rebuild.

Who won? Watch all The Hit House’s work on The Last Jedi and you decide.