June 29, 2018 Tom Ito

A (DC) Universe of Everything, Launches With Our Music

What better way to start something epic than with some killer graphics & revved up music? Well, DC Universe thought the same & thus The Hit House was privileged to contribute music to this official launch trailer.

Arriving in the Fall of 2018, DC Universe is a comprehensive first-of-its-kind digital experience designed specifically for DC fans. Offering exclusive original series including DC Titans, DC Young Justice Outsiders, DC Doom Patrol, DC Harley Quinn, & DC Swamp Thing, it also includes epic animated movies, legendary films & TV, a world class comic reader, & exclusive members only merchandise & playlists! An absolute must-get for all fans of comics & anything DC, this is the place to experience the universe. Not to worry, it works on desktop & all iOS/Android devices, as well as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV & Google Chromecast. How much access will fans have? All-access.

DC Universe will be here soon & we can hardly wait to hang out with you all on their fan access portals. After all, we’ll be able to not only watch all our favorite DC comics, but also read them, shop the store, & directly connect with everyone else that’s interested. Whether the launch of a whole universe or the firing of a single rocket booster, the charging of hordes of undead or the arrival of an epic love, remember, The Hit House will have or create just the perfect track to compliment & complete your mission. So give us a ring, because for us, music is more than a note, a tone, or a tune, it’s a conveyance to other worlds & new adventures for us all.