July 14, 2018 Tom Ito

Netflix releases “How It Ends” Final Trailer with The Hit House’s Trailer Music.

Just prior to Netflix’s July 13 release of How It Ends, the final trailer by Concept Arts, Inc. arrived with music by Scott Lee Miller. A dark tale of an apocalyptic landscape filled with dread & fear, action & desperation, needed the ideal track to push the action. Luckily we could supply just the right tone to keep the action moving & the tension palpable.

Directed by David M. Rosenthal & filmed in Winnipeg, How It Ends details the grisly truth of how people in the extreme circumstance of an unknown apocalypse would react to save their own lives & that of their loved ones. Theo James stars as Will, an attorney who has a fraught relationship with Forest Whitaker, Tom, the father of Sam (played by Kat Graham), the lady he intends to marry. On a trip from Seattle to Chicago to ask for Tom’s permission to marry his daughter, Will is forced to team up with Tom when disaster strikes & the fate of the woman they both love is unknown. Thus begins a harrowing journey across an apocalyptic landscape & the resulting human dangers, in order to save a daughter & a possible fiancee. This modern day action disaster movie also stars: Nicole Ari Parker, Grace Dove, Mark O’Brien, Kerry Bish√©, & Eric Keenleyside.

When your world seems to be ending & the apocalypse is on the horizon, you’ll probably still need some music to accompany the finish. Just remember, regardless of how dire the straits or how far we’ll need to go, The Hit House has your back with all the right trailer music & sound design. In good times & in bad, we’ve got you covered. So give us a call to see what we’ve got, but until then, we’ll be watching How It Ends, now streaming, only on Netflix.

Hear the full track, “The Color of Blood,” by Scott Lee Miller, here on SoundCloud: