February 6, 2019 Tom Ito

Escape the Ordinary with System Era Softwork’s “Astroneer” Launch.

When System Era Softworks wanted to release the 1.0 version of their game Astroneer, they needed something special. Just showing the stunning visuals of the incredible game would not have had as much of an impact as the addition of music could provide. So in order to tell the tale of the true beauty & majesty of this exploration-focused adventure, they had The Hit House create the accompanying music. Composer William August Hunt watched the trailer, heard their vision, flexed his composing muscles & created the custom music to enhance the release trailer’s story.

Astroneer is developed for PC & Xbox Play Anywhere, by a team of veteran developers in Seattle, WA. As their first title, they were passionate about making a splash in a big way by creating something extraordinary to enable both the young & older to discover the wonders of space & uplift the wonder & reverence of human space exploration in our beautiful universe. Version 1.0 gives players 7 brand new planets to explore & terraform, while facing challenges like dangerous flora, treacherous terrain & immense, mysterious structures.

The Hit House was thrilled to have the opportunity to create the audio for this mesmerizing game & trailer. Delving into the depths of our creativity helped to push the boundaries of where we could allow the music to soar, while simultaneously giving viewers a small taste of the universe in which they can now actually actively participate. Play Astroneer now, because nothing brings happiness like exploration & creation:

Hear The Hit House Composer William August Hunt’s “The Stars Are Calling” here on SoundCloud: