March 2, 2020 Tom Ito

Focus Features’s “The High Note” Official Trailer by Seismic Productions with The Hit House’s contributions smashes boundaries!

Too often people are told they can’t do this or that, because it’s just “not done.” But Focus Features’s newest movie, The High Note, trounces those conventions by telling a story of a singer who’s reached her proverbial peak, but with the help of the “least” of her entourage strives for even more. Seismic Productions created a dazzling Official Trailer for The High Note, & The Hit House was happy to contribute custom layering to help perfect the music for the trailer.

Directed by Nisha Ganatra, The High Note tells the story of the superstar singer Grace Davis (played by Tracee Ellis Ross), who is at the top of her game, but for whom the only perceivable next step is a slide down from the heights of fame. When all others, including her management & other entourage only see a “standard” continuation for her career, Maggie (played by Dakota Johnson), Grace’s personal assistant, envisions more potential for Grace’s future. With a background in music, Maggie seizes the opportunity & works to help Grace create a new album which could catapult the trajectory of both their careers forever. The High Note also stars Kelvin Harrison Jr., Zoë Chao, Ice Cube, June Diane Raphael, Deniz Akdeniz, Bill Pullman, Eddie Izzard, & Diplo.

This particular project spoke to our hearts at The Hit House since it tells the story of the production, creation, & nurturing of something near & dear to our own hearts, namely music. A movie trailer that extols the power of music, how it can move us, change lives, & alter people’s outlooks for the better is one that we are proud to contribute to. We know that all stories must be told & that each is unique & precious, but the story of the creation of music is one that strikes a particular chord that only a fellow musician can understand, but one that can be communicated to all others through the very universal power of our medium. When your story next needs that perfect stroke of inspiration, that undercurrent of emotion to move the viewer to the next level of emotion, look no further. The Hit House is here for you. That said, on May 8, 2020, when The High Note arrives in theaters, you better believe we’ll be there (quietly) munching on popcorn & loving every second of this story about our beloved music industry.